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Got Enough Business?

Whether you're one of those folks who say "yes, I have all the business I can handle," or you're someone who is hoping to double or triple their business, you'll find a lot of interesting and helpful information in this section of

Accessible only to companies who have purchased a listing in our directory, the Newsletter section of contains ideas, tips, suggestions and information which can give you a competitive edge. Newsletter topics focus on things like cost-effective ways to market your business, sales techniques, inexpensive but effective advertising, how to get free publicity, and ways to improve your bottom line.

Not every idea or tip in this section will work for every repair shop. As with any other sales or marketing resource, you'll need to review the information, pick one or two ideas, tips, or suggestions you think will work best for you, and then adapt those ideas, tips, and suggestions to your particular situation.

Newsletters are published every four to six weeks. If you have ideas or suggestions for a newsletter topic, please let us know.

Sample Newsletters


Simple Secret for Sales Success, Sales Rule #1.


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