The Gatlin Gun Salesman

The Gatlin Gun Salesman

I picked up the telephone, called this company (which will remain anonymous), and said,

"Hi, this is Rob Fish with Do you folks do hydraulic repairs?"

The guy who answered the phone assured me they did, indeed, do hydraulic repairs.

"I've got an online directory of hydraulic repair shops, and I'd love to mail you folks a bit of information about the directory so you can see whether or not you'd like to subscribe. Would you please give me the name of the person I should address the information to?"

The guy asked what it was.

"It is an online directory of hydraulic repair shops."

The guy said "we've already got all those," and hung up.

I just did a search on Google for "hydraulic repair shops," and didn't find that company's web site anywhere in the first 700 sites displayed by the search engine.

If the guy had visited his favorite search engine and searched for 'hydraulic repair shops,' the directory would have shown up in the first few listing of search results. And if this guy's company had subscribed to our directory, you could easily find the company by visiting the directory, clicking on their state, and then clicking on their city or marketing area.

Unfortunately, the company I called is not listed with And even though their web site is very nicely done and probably cost them thousands of dollars to create, the company doesn't show up at all when you search Google for 'hydraulic repair shops.'

70 pages of search results, the guy's company doesn't show up even once, and instead of telling me who would be the best person to receive info about (and be accessible from the first page of search results), the guy said "we've already got all those" and hung up.

The bad news is that this anonymous company probably won't be listed with our directory any time soon - there are thousands of hydraulic repair shops in the United States and it will be a while before we work all the way through our current list of prospects get around to contacting this company again. That means we'll miss out on the $150 or so their annual subscription would have brought in, and they'll miss out on thousands of dollars a year in profit which would have been generated by the new customers that found them by searching for 'hydraulic repair shops' on the Internet.

The good news is our Customized Creations web site will soon be offering a line of "Gatlin Gun Salesman" products. Dry erase boards, magnets, buttons, name badges, and refrigerator calendars. As you may have guessed, the products aren't yet on the web site. However, if you'd like to be one of the first to buy some of these products, give us a call at 614-889-5222 or send me an Email.

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